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Tarcza cierna 81191169-1

Friction disc 81191169-1
  • Friction disc 81191169-1

Tarcza cierna 81191169-1

The friction lining of the electromagnetic clutch of the automobile air conditioner compressor is an important part of the electromagnetic clutch of the automobile air conditioner, and its main function is to transmit torque.

Product Features
The working principle is that when the car air conditioner switch is turned on, the current passes through the electromagnetic coil of the electromagnetic clutch, and the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic suction, which makes the driving disc of the compressor combine with the pulley, and transmits the torque of the engine to the compressor shaft to make the compressor shaft rotate. When the air conditioner switch is turned off, the suction force of the electromagnetic coil disappears, and under the action of the spring plate, the drive disc and the pulley are disengaged, and the compressor stops working.
Tarcza cierna

Technical details:
1.Density (g/cm³): 1.86±0.1
2.Porosity (%): 15%MAX
3.P.H: 6-8
4.Hardness HRR: 110MIN
5.Coefficient of friction: 0.4MIN
6.Fluid Compatibility Friction material must be compatible with vehicle fluids under the hood.
7.Flammability According to GM 6090-M(SE), the friction material must be self-extinguishing when exposed to flame.
8.The material must be capable of being bonded to the pulley surface (steel) with an adhesive film, a bonding process must be carried out before production.
9.The maximum ambient air temperature near the clutch is 275 degrees Fahrenheit. During normal operation, the maximum temperature of the clutch is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. During no failure periods, the temperature rise must be tested for noise with friction material under normal operation. Engagement noise testing must be performed with specified production or production-intent clutches.
10.No burrs, no pits, no spots on the friction material.