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Płyta cierna windy

Elevator Friction Plate
  • Elevator Friction Plate

Płyta cierna windy

The brake friction material of the elevator traction machine is one of the key safety components of the elevator traction machine assembly. It directly affects whether the elevator braking system can operate safely and effectively. High strength, relatively low wear, good and stable friction performance.

Product Features
Model: 16742002

Elevator traction machine brake friction material production is to fully stir resin, rubber, fiber and other friction performance modifiers, fully extrude and fuse them through a rubber mixer, and then go through preforming, hot pressing, vulcanization, and machining products made by other processes.

Technical details:
1.smooth and flat surface.
2.No crack , blister , stratified.
3.Friction performance:
Temperatura Współczynnik tarcia , dynamiczny Wskaźniki zużycia X10-7CM3 / KGM
60°C 0.42-0.50 Poniżej 2.0
100°C 0.42-0.50 Poniżej 3.0
150°C 0.45-0.55 Poniżej 5.0
At the same temperature, the coefficient of static friction is not less than the coefficient of dynamic friction.
4.compressive strength≥40Mpa.
Płyta cierna windy