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Yongda Elevator Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.

Sprzęt do wind Yongda (Chiny) Co., Ltd.

The cooperation between Shanghai Yonghuan Friction Material Co., Ltd. and Yongda Elevator Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. began in 2018. The main business content is to provide elevator traction machine friction plates. Since the cooperation, the two parties have maintained a good cooperative relationship. Our company actively develops new formulas and develops new products according to Yongda's requirements. After years of hard work, Yonghuan's quality and service have been unanimously recognized by all departments of Yongtai.
Luty 14, 2023 CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ
(Mitsubishi Elevator) Cooperation Case

(Winda Mitsubishi) Przypadek współpracy

The cooperation between Shanghai Yonghuan Friction Material Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. began in 2018. The main business content is: to provide friction plates for elevators and complete the assembly of brake caliper components and armature components. The ratio is 40% and is increasing year by year. The supply mode is: friction lining production - brake caliper and armature picking - friction lining and spare parts installation - brake caliper assembly and armature assembly delivery. After years of hard work, Yonghuan's quality and service have won unanimous praise from all departments of Mitsubishi.
Przypadek współpracy
Luty 01, 2023 CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ
KONE Elevator Cooperation Case

Przypadek współpracy z KONE Elevator

KONE elevator Ltd. was established in 1996-12-27, the legal representative is JOE JIAFENG BAO (Bao Jiafeng), the registered capital is RMB 500.3 million, the unified social credit code is 9132058362838453XN, the business address is located in Jiangsu Province, Kunshan City, Yushan Town, No. 88, the ancient city of Middle Road, belongs to the industry of general equipment manufacturing. The business scope includes: production, sales, design of various types of elevators, escalators, automatic walkways, automatic doors, parking systems and parts and related products development, installation, transformation, repair, maintenance, optimization; engaged in the production of similar goods with the company's wholesale, commission agents (except auction) and import and export business; elevator inspection and testing services. (Not involving state trade management goods, involving quota, license management goods, according to the relevant national regulations for application). Technology services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; software development; software sales; computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale; computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment retail (projects subject to approval by the relevant departments before operating activities). The current operating status of KONE Elevator Company Limited is active.

KONE elevator Ltd. in July 2021, we began to develop the traction machine brake boot friction plate samples, before and after sending 1-2 samples, through the unremitting efforts of our senior technical R & D staff in October 2021 through the customer friction plate requirements of the first small batch, in November 2020 formally signed a supply contract, supply to date, during the supply period, the customer proposed the friction plate quality Improvement program, our sales and after-sales staff first time to convey to the company's R & D production and technical personnel, from the production of each process to pay attention to the quality of friction plate improvement, to solve the customer's problems, the customer unanimously praise ~
18 stycznia 2023 r. CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ
Hanon Auto Parts (Dalian) Co.Ltd.

Części samochodowe Hanon (Dalian) Co.Ltd.

Hanon Auto Parts (Dalian) Co.Ltd. was established on August 23, 2004, with its registered office located at 89 Huaihezhong Road, Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liaoning Province, and its legal representative is Jin Youwan. The scope of business includes the research and development, production, processing and testing of variable displacement swash plate, CO2 and other compressors and related parts for automotive air conditioning (administrative permits are required for operation); wholesale of automotive air conditioning systems and parts thereof (not involving state-trade managed commodities; applications for commodities involving quotas and licenses are handled in accordance with relevant state regulations); provision of automotive air conditioning system repair (limited to customer sites) and technical support services. (limited to customer sites) and technical support services.

(HVCC is one of the world's top suppliers of automotive air conditioning systems and components, and is a multinational group owned by Visteon, headquartered in Korea and listed in Korea.
HVCC's vision is to be the best air conditioning company in the world, and its management objectives are continuous growth, solid integration, and operational excellence.

The company adheres to the concept of people-oriented, always firmly believes in serving consumers, maximizing customer satisfaction, putting technology first, and constantly giving back to society. In the future, we will work together with many automotive OEM factories, air conditioning system factories and suppliers to contribute to the development of the region and the Chinese automotive industry.

We will continue to uphold the business philosophy of HVCC, and through continuous value innovation, together with the joining of talents from all parties, we will work together to create happiness for mankind and the world!

Our company started to develop the sample of auto air conditioning clutch friction plate of Hanon Auto Parts in August 2020, and sent the sample once before and after, after our senior technical R&D staff's unremitting efforts in September 2022 through the customer's friction plate requirements mentioned the first small batch production, in October 2020 formally signed a supply contract, cooperation until now, during the supply period, the customer raised the friction plate improvement issues Our sales and after-sales personnel first time to convey to our production technology and quality personnel, from the production of each process to find the best effect of the friction plate, the customer's unanimous praise ~
17 stycznia 2023 CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ
TKE Tisheng Elevator (China)

Winda TKE Tisheng (Chiny)

TKE Elevator entered China in 1995 and currently has three major production bases in China. Its main products include freight elevators, escalators, and moving walks. It is a great honor that the leaders of TKE Company are interested in our product elevator friction plate. We first visited the production workshop for the leaders and gave a detailed introduction to the product production, and then went to the conference room to start formal communication activities. Communication, sample confirmation, and finally became a reliable partner of TKE China's elevator parts friction plate.

10 stycznia 2023 CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ