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Przypadek współpracy z KONE Elevator

KONE Elevator Cooperation Case

Przypadek współpracy z KONE Elevator

18 stycznia 2023 r.

KONE elevator Ltd. was established in 1996-12-27, the legal representative is JOE JIAFENG BAO (Bao Jiafeng), the registered capital is RMB 500.3 million, the unified social credit code is 9132058362838453XN, the business address is located in Jiangsu Province, Kunshan City, Yushan Town, No. 88, the ancient city of Middle Road, belongs to the industry of general equipment manufacturing. The business scope includes: production, sales, design of various types of elevators, escalators, automatic walkways, automatic doors, parking systems and parts and related products development, installation, transformation, repair, maintenance, optimization; engaged in the production of similar goods with the company's wholesale, commission agents (except auction) and import and export business; elevator inspection and testing services. (Not involving state trade management goods, involving quota, license management goods, according to the relevant national regulations for application). Technology services, technology development, technology consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; software development; software sales; computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale; computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment retail (projects subject to approval by the relevant departments before operating activities). The current operating status of KONE Elevator Company Limited is active.

KONE elevator Ltd. in July 2021, we began to develop the traction machine brake boot friction plate samples, before and after sending 1-2 samples, through the unremitting efforts of our senior technical R & D staff in October 2021 through the customer friction plate requirements of the first small batch, in November 2020 formally signed a supply contract, supply to date, during the supply period, the customer proposed the friction plate quality Improvement program, our sales and after-sales staff first time to convey to the company's R & D production and technical personnel, from the production of each process to pay attention to the quality of friction plate improvement, to solve the customer's problems, the customer unanimously praise ~